Ricky Schroder working on new series with U.S. Army

Written by: Josh Raymond

Air Force Week-Los Angeles

If you are anything like me, when you think of the badasses in the United States Army, you think of Ricky Schroder.

Wait, what?

Schroder and his production company has enlisted to work with the Army on an unscripted series that focuses on showing Americans what life in the Army is like and the different jobs available when you raise your right hand.

Starting Strong will run for 10 weeks and is directed, narrated and produced by Schroder. It debuts June 2 in 16 Fox affiliate markets, with four more episodes scheduled to air online.

“This is sort of new for the Army to give this behind-the-scenes, open-door look at what it means to live, eat and breathe Army life,” Schroder said. “Viewers are going to see real, young men and women getting real experience in living, eating and breathing Army culture and jobs.”

Schroder has long supported the military and has had family members, including both grandfathers, serve their country.

“I grew up with a feeling that these men were heroes,” he added. “The opportunity to use my creative skills and tell stories about the American Army seemed like a perfect fit.”

While Schroder is involved with the project, the host and star of the show will be Army Staff Sgt. Kristen King.

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One thought on “Ricky Schroder working on new series with U.S. Army”

  1. I like the way Ricky Schroder describes military personal. He is still a fantastic man. When Ricky was young my two older girls saw him at the LA airport. We were right behind him on an escalator going up for baggage. He saw my girls (6yrs & 4 yrs.) gawking at him. He smiled at them and nodded his head at them. They still talk about that time to this day and they are much older now (I would be in trouble if I revealed their age). He did not ridicule them but showed them that he was a gentleman by recognizing that they knew whom he was. They didn’t need an autograph, just that smile and the tip of the head. Thank you, Ricky Schroder.

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